Wednesday, 25 September 2019


Any students who wish to undertake more than six months of study in Canada must obtain a Canadian student visa. The process begins with your acceptance onto a recognized course from an accredited educational institution, and to prove this you must obtain a CAQ form from your university.

To process a student visa Canada you must then apply either on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website or via your local Canadian embassy or consulate. You must complete your application within 60 days, as upon signing up you receive a checklist code which expires after this time. Once you have completed your application it usually takes 3 – 5 weeks to process.

The fees for a Canadian student visa vary according to which the country you are applying from, as international students from some nations are required to undergo additional procedures before entrance can be granted. When applying to study in the country you should ensure you can prove you meet the Canadian student visa requirements by having the following documents:

  1. ·         Detailed passport information
  2. ·         Current residence information
  3. ·         A letter of acceptance from your chosen University
  4. ·         Proof of your status as a law-abiding citizen
  5. ·         Evidence of your financial ability to fund yourself in Canada
  6. ·         Work, family and education details

Whilst Canadian student visas do not require certain scores on IELTS language proficiency tests, Canadian universities almost always do demand this proof, and since you cannot apply for a student visa in Canada without demonstrating your proficiency in the English language this makes an IELTS test a mandatory part of your application.

Additional requirements may also be in place for students of certain countries who wish to study in Canada. Applicants from some nations must provide biometric data (photographs or fingerprints), undergo medical examinations, or submit to a police background check.

If you need help meeting the criteria of your student visa application to Canada or you simply require advice on the application process itself, contact Aar Overseas (Canada Education Consultants) today for expert advice.

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